About Me

Hi out there! I’m Leslie.  I’m a mid-thirty-something, working mother, and wife living in the Midwest suburbs (pretty much as cliché as you can get).  I’ve checked off all the items on my to do list.  I’ve gone to college, found a wonderful man to marry, am parenting two great kids (one boy and one girl…even more cliché).  But, somehow along the way I have settled into routines and norms.  I’ve lost my creativity and even worse, I stopped trying to just have fun.  All the responsibility of adult hood and parenting snuck up on me and turned me into someone I didn’t want to be.  I started living in fear- focused on anticipating worst case scenarios and avoiding risky situations.  “Play it safe” was my motto.  Most of this was driven by love.  I worked full time as a pediatric critical care nurse and over the years I witnessed too many children suffer and too many parents lose their children. At work, I was the protector of my patients.  How safe I played it and how aware I was of potential problems determined how much I could help them.  I brought this all home with me.  I was determined to never feel that kind of loss.  If it was preventable than I was going to prevent it.  It took me 15 years to realize that I was missing the very point of protecting all of these children.  It was to give them a second chance at life.  A chance to live.  And, living is not playing it safe.  It’s loving openly and chasing your dreams.  It’s following your passions and discovering yourself.  It’s celebrating every day and every moment.  This is the kind of living I want to rediscover, the kind children do so easily.  So I am adding creativity openly into my life and am going to try my hardest to enjoy it and not worry about the outcome.  I’m going to have fun.