Margarita Monday- Creating Fun Family Traditions

In case you need a reason to drink a Margarita…Monday is a good one.  And if Monday doesn’t work out this week, then move it to Tuesday!

Sometimes having fun is as simple as letting go.  Some of my most favorite family nights are spent at a local mexican restaurant.  The kids love the food and us parents loosen up a bit after a few margaritas. (just enough to stop being so critical or controlling).  Its cheap enough to do on a weekly basis.  Plus the routine of it means we can just focus on hanging out with each other.  The laid back atmosphere and having food that everyone likes means there isn’t any complaining.   It also takes away the pressure of feeling rushed to clean up and get other things done.  We are forced to listen and pay attention to each other for at least an hour!

We usually end the night browsing through the Goodwill located in the same shopping plaza.  Goodwill after margaritas is always entertaining- I highly recommend it!  Sometimes we find some amazing steals and sometimes we just spend a lot of time laughing.

I think the important thing to realize is that family fun doesn’t always have to be expensive, elaborate or original as long as you can relax and live in the moment with your loved ones beside you.  What routines help you to to kick back and enjoy your family?




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